Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Innovative Herringbone Tile Tub Surround introduced to Hospitality Industry

At Intl. Marble Industries, Inc, we'd like to think outside of the box and develop innovative designs in traditional cultured marble. Last month, we installed a unique Herringbone tile design that provided a very practical solution yet stunning look to the shower area in this hotel. For the mock up, we even extended the panels around the commode area.

Take a look at our specifications page and see what exciting designs IMI can bring to you. Your tub and shower surround will make the bathroom sparkle, your customers will rave about the look and most importantly keep returning to your property. Click on http://www.intlmarbleindustries.com/specifications/index_new.php
Or call Melissa Schaus in our business development department at 678 501 6011 (dir). She can also be reached at Sales@imitoday.com and will be happy to provide you with info and quotes.

Atlanta's home builders looking for quality cultured marble products

The construction activity for Single Family Homes is increasing monthly. And demand for quality cultured marble products has never been higher.
Mastercast Shower and tub surrounds, both in smooth finishes and tile patterns are once again being sought after as an alternative to the traditional ceramic tile install, which has a tendency to leak due to poor grout maintenance by homeowner and/or tenant.

Today, Intl. Marble Industries, Inc is adding 2 new exciting colors to its collection of Tyvarian Imaged Stone products: Calcutta Brown and Wheat. We translate the image or a real stone slab into a composite construction. The resulting wall panel for your shower or tub surround is not only sealed for life, it will last a lifetime with virtually no maintenance needed.

And we can also supply you with matching bathroom countertops, a tru 3 cm look and a new, stylish ceramic bowl.

Take a look at our expanding color selection on our website at .http://www.intlmarbleindustries.com/collections/Tyvarian2/.
Or call Melissa Schaus in our business development department at 678 501 6011 (dir). She can also be reached at Sales@imitoday.com.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Just read a good one in INC magazine: conflict is a lot like water: it
spills over, flows downhill; and if left unchecked, it erodes whatever
it touches.
And sometimes it is like red wine, it stains.
How do you handle conflict in your company? When the first signs
arise, it is one of those "conversations that must be had!"
Good luck.
Dirk De Vuyst
Dir. 678 501 6003

Friday, September 3, 2010

Housing starts to a historic low

We already knew what the news media reported a few days ago: housing is not on the way to recovery yet. And it will not be unless the unemployment pictures improves drastically for a sustained period. A simple dip in the statistics will not cure the construction industry's woes.

At Intl. Marble Industries, Inc, we have looked far outside our sand box marketing our engineered composites to non-builder markets. Our MasterCast products find their way more to remodelers than ever before. Our overseas customers love the "Made in the USA" cast stone tubs and shower bases. Amazing how in different parts of the world, cultured marble and Mastercast Engineered Composites are called by different names, yet achieve the same result: seamless, integral construction, sealed for life.

Visit our updated website at www.IntlMarbleIndustries.com and admire our collection of products.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Why visiting Polycon 2009 is more important than ever

Business is tough. The traditional markets for our Mastercast engineered composites are in the doldrums. So what it the owner to do?

The owner is that vital contact to key customers and key suppliers alike. He or she is also the visionary, the strategist, chief business development officer.

There are many untapped markets out there where Mastercast engineered composites can be used. It requires some thinking outside of the box.

Often times, you brain needs a trigger to make the light bulb go of. That trigger could be what you see at your regional meeting, visiting another cast polymer plant. Or talking to suppliers over lunch when they share their travails with you and you discover a hidden opportunity.

In my humble opinion, the biggest mistake a Mastercast business owner can make is to retreat to the "spin pot" and put in the hard labor to replace the guy that he had to let go. Or to allow to have your cell phone become the customer service line by default.

The housing industry malaise will likely last through 2009. During the good times, we hopefully all put some money aside. This is the time to dip into the nest egg and work harder on diversification in products and markets so you are better positioned for the upturn. That would be hard to do if you box yourself into the "casting corner".

Polycon 2009 is the perfect forum for you to learn what your colleagues are doing to weather this perfect storm. Take the opportunity to rub elbows with industry leaders, suppliers small and large, your peers in the industry.
Work up a detailed plan as to what sessions you want to attend. When not attending educational sessions and the exhibit hall is open, make appointments with suppliers that you think may help you discover your next niche.

Polycon comes around only once a year, grab the moment!

Dirk De Vuyst
ICPA President 2009
Intl. Marble Industries, Inc
Woodstock GA 30188
Tel 770 928 2252 ext 223

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wearing your love for MasterCast TM on your shirt sleeves?

July 2 2008 was workday at ACMA. At 8am sharp, I was warmly welcomed by Patti Washburn and her staff and we got right to work.

On the way back, a fifty something young man nestled himself in the seat next to me. It was obvious that he worked for AMD, the microprocessor people that at times have made INTEL run a little faster. Indeed, Richard from AMD was sporting his company's logo on his briefcase, shirt pocket and on a cap he held in his hand.

After takeoff, he turned to me and, after the usual introductions, suggested that I must be working for a large corporation. Not knowing what exactly to think, I asked him why he felt that way.

"Well", he said, "your shirt pocket mentions your company name and logo, and that tells me you have guys got "IT". Our research has shown us that our customers view a shirt cum logo as the sign of a company that means business and that will take care of their customers".

He proceeded to tell how companies that were proud enough to display their name "on their short sleeve" could ill afford to be recognized in public and to be servicing their customers poorly at the same time.

Learning from this free advice, we are going to take this a step further. Currently, all staff is encouraged to have polo shirts or dress shirts embroidered at the local Hometreads store at Walmart. They provide the shirt they like to wear, Intl. Marble Industries, Inc pays the $8 for the embroidery.

We needed little incentive to return to the store, have the Mastercast Engineered Composites logo digitized and added to our shirts.

Let's do the math: there are over 1,000 Mastercast producers in the US; they employ on average 5 "front office" people; that would translate 5,000 logos leaving impressions 8-10 hours a day, not only at the office but also wherever you go on your lunch break and while running errands on the way home: the grocery store, the bank, the nail salon, etc... Not a bad investment.

Now let's all get to work to locate the 80% that have not yet bought into the concept, show the values of the ICPA and how we are working hard on positioning our product and brand name for the years to come.

Dirk De Vuyst

ICPA President
Intl Marble Industries, Inc
304 Bell Park Drive
Woodstock GA 30188
tel 770 928 2252 ext 223
fax 770 874 7540

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The "IT" Factor

Well, here I am: sitting in the Memphis, Tn airport on a balmy Wednesday evening in June. Just finished a 2 day trip with 6 appointments, 500 miles on the rental, great weather, Arkansas rice paddies left and right.

Thanks to the wonders of portable GPS and the Interstate system, I was able to literally "fall" from one appointment into the other: on time, well received product presentations, pleasant audience etc..

Beat up but happy, I am leaning back as I learn that the plane is late. Bunches of grumbling going on, talk about missing connections etc. Since Atlanta is my final destination, I decide that there is nothing I can do about it, so let's get back to work.

About 30 minutes past the scheduled departure time, the 717 arrives and travelers stream out of the jetway. Last person to exit is...the pilot. Dons his hat, and with a booming voice full of confidence addresses the waiting crowd. He proceeds to apologize, explains the delay (weather) and promises a 20 minute turnaround. He gets a standing ovation as he returns back to the cockpit.

I personally believe that any airline who can turn around a 137 passenger airplane in 20 minutes, that airline clearly "gets it". To get there, you probably saw the drill: have the passengers pass on their garbage to the center of the aisle and all it takes is for a willing attendant to pass by with a plastic bag full of airline logos (guerilla marketing?) to collect it. Heck, they would be chatting the time away anyway..so why not get productive here.

But for a pilot to be proactive, address his unhappy passengers before they board and turn them into a pleased crowd after a 3 minute speech, well that guy clearly "gets it" too.

And on top of that, he made sure we were updated throughout the flight so that no one would start bothering the attendants - who only had 20 minutes to bring drinks and snacks to 137 people - and they would be most productive.

Reflecting on our Mastercast business, I made some mental notes.
  • Are we getting "IT" when we deal with unhappy customers?
  • Are we proactive when the engineered composites we produce during the hot summer time seem to have a mind of their own?
  • Do we call the customer ahead of time or does he have to call us? Is the entire office on message or were they confused about what to communicate?
  • Are we looking outside the traditional box of customers to find Mastercast business in other areas?
You got "IT"? By the way, the "It Factor" book is great! Go get "IT"

Dirk De Vuyst

ICPA President
Intl Marble Industries, Inc
304 Bell Park Drive
Woodstock GA 30188
tel 770 928 2252 ext 223
fax 770 874 7540